Why Anime Is Better Than Cartoons

20 Reasons Why Anime Is Better Than Cartoons

Anime and cartoons are both popular forms of animation that have been entertaining audiences for decades. However, while both forms of animation have their merits, anime has gained a strong following in recent years, with many viewers finding it superior to traditional Western cartoons. In this blog post, we will explore the 20 reasons why anime is better than cartoons and why it may be the best form of animation for some viewers.

20 Reasons Why Anime Is Better Than Cartoons

Here are 20 reasons why anime is better than cartoons:

  1. Anime often features more developed and nuanced characters.
  2. Anime has more sophisticated and layered storylines.
  3. Anime can explore a wider range of themes and subject matter.
  4. Anime offers a greater diversity of genres, including romance, drama, horror, and politics.
  5. Anime has a distinct and unique art style.
  6. Anime can be more emotionally impactful and immersive.
  7. Anime has a larger global audience.
  8. Anime has a longer history and cultural significance.
  9. Anime often tackles more mature and complex themes.
  10. Anime has a greater focus on character development and relationships.
  11. Anime has a more diverse range of character designs.
  12. Anime can be more aesthetically pleasing and visually impressive.
  13. Anime has a wider range of animation techniques and styles.
  14. Anime can be more experimental and innovative in its storytelling.
  15. Anime has a more dedicated fanbase.
  16. Anime has a greater focus on plot and world-building.
  17. Anime can be more intellectually stimulating.
  18. Anime has a greater emphasis on music and sound design.
  19. Anime can be more immersive and transportive.
  20. Anime offers a more global and diverse perspective on storytelling.

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Is Anime More Realistic Than Cartoons?

Whether anime is more realistic than cartoons is a difficult question to answer definitely because it depends on the specific anime and cartoon in question. Anime can vary greatly in terms of realism, from highly realistic depictions of everyday life to fantastical and exaggerated representations of the supernatural or science fiction. 

Similarly, cartoons can also range from realistic depictions of real-world situations to absurd or exaggerated representations of characters and events.

That being said, one could argue that certain anime, particularly those that focus on realistic portrayals of everyday life, can be more grounded in reality than some cartoons. 

For example, anime series like “Your Lie in April” or “March Comes in Like a Lion” tackle themes and issues that are relatable to real-world experiences, such as coping with loss, finding one’s purpose, and overcoming adversity. 

On the other hand, some cartoons, particularly those geared towards younger audiences, may be more focused on fantastical or exaggerated representations of reality that are not intended to be taken literally.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that both anime and cartoons are fictional forms of entertainment that are not meant to be taken as literal representations of reality. They both offer unique and valuable perspectives on storytelling, and it is up to individual viewers to determine which form of animation resonates with them the most.


In conclusion, while both anime and cartoons have their own strengths and weaknesses, there are several reasons why anime is better than cartoons. From its mature storytelling and diverse range of themes to its unique art style, anime offers a distinct and engaging viewing experience that has won over millions of fans worldwide. Whether you are a long-time anime fan or someone looking to explore a new form of animation, there is no denying the appeal and quality of this beloved medium.

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