Pokemon Fans Will See Ash Again, Anime Exec Confirms

There are only a few more episodes left in Pokemon: Aspire To Be A Pokémon Master.

When the story comes to a close, we will see Ash Ketchum and Pikachu relinquish their positions as the anime adaptation's heroes and give the torch to new trainers Liko and Roy.

Kunihiko predicted that Ash would eventually make a comeback in an interview with Otomedia.

The Pokemon creator is getting ready to stop being the major protagonist of the anime adaption and start giving Liko and Roy their due in the fight, but he made no additional statements.

Aside from raising the speculative notion that Ash's return is imminent.

In addition, Yuyama said that he views Ash as "forever ten years old," which may be a clue that Ketchum won't grow up in the series' future.

Several fans have been circulating the hypothesis that Liko, a female trainer, could one day be Ash's child.

It appears like Ash is still pursuing his goal of being a Pokemon master despite having won the global championship, and it will be interesting to watch where the current season takes both Pikachu and him.

Do you believe Ash will mature at some point in Pokemon's future?