A Shocking One Piece Detail Reveals A Huge Secret Of The Series' Villains

The Gorosei are a group of five elderly men who serve as the highest authority within the World Government in the One Piece manga and anime series.

They are the most powerful and influential members of the World Government, and they are responsible for making the most important decisions that affect the world.

A major idea concerning the mysterious Gorosei, who rule the One Piece universe, is confirmed by a crucial element in a recent cover story.

One Piece's chapter #1075's cover story contains a crucial fact that supports a notion about the Gorosei, a group of the series' most enigmatic and potent characters.

The Brilliant Scientist Has An Audience With The Five Elders" is the name of the cover story for chapter #1075 of One Piece, which is the 31st in the series "Germa 66 ahh...An Emotionless Excursion".

Around 30 years before to the recent issues in the series, it depicts an encounter between a young Dr. Vegapunk and the Gorosei.

The Gorosei are silhouetted in the background, but it is still able to make out that they appear to be unchanged from the present, supporting the idea that they are either eternal or at the very least resistant to ageing.