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Top 10 Powerful ENTJ Anime Characters of All Time

Anime characters are often used to represent different personality types, so if you’re the type of person who is a big fan of anime and can’t stop reading manga or watching anime, then this list might be just what you need! Finding your personality type is an important step on the path to self-actualisation. Here we will list down the best ENTJ anime characters for you.

It is a tough task to decide what are the best ENTJ anime characters. There are so many things we have considered. Although it was overwhelming for us, still we picked some of the anime characters that I am sure you will like. Even though there are many opinions out there on the best ENTJ anime character, this article will give you the right information so that you can find the right one for you!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list of the best ENTJ anime characters of all time!

What is ENTJ?

ENTJs are logical and analytical thinkers, and they prefer to use their intellect to solve problems. They are quick learners and have a knack for understanding complex systems. ENTJs often find themselves in leadership roles due to their ability to see the big picture and make long-term plans.

Best 10 ENTJ Anime Characters

As the world’s rarest personality type, ENTJs are natural-born leaders. They are strategic, decisive, and always up for a challenge. So it’s no surprise that many of the best male anime characters have an ENTJ personality.

1. Light Yagami (Death Note)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Death Note is one of the most popular and well-known anime out there, and for good reason. It’s an intense psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The main character, Light Yagami, is an entj, and he is absolutely brilliant. He is able to outsmart everyone around him and always comes up with the perfect plan. If you’re looking for an anime with a truly amazing entj character, Death Note is a must-watch.

2. Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan)

ENTJ Anime Characters

We can’t forget Erwin Smith if we are talking about ENTJ anime characters. He is a textbook example of an ENTJ.

He is precise and totally understands what has to be done to meet his objectives. We also get a glimpse of his personality. He’s a natural public speaker. People are frequently persuaded to follow him after hearing him speak.

He is also an excellent manager of people. He utilizes this to evaluate whether soldiers are capable of dealing with specific information. He is a fantastic leader. Erwin Smith has an ENTJ personality type.

3. Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Sukuna is the epitome of an unstable ENTJ. This anime character is seen as self-centered and arrogant. He’s possibly even cruel.

He sees nothing wrong with hurting anyone. He also does what he wants and believes he is not answerable to anyone.

Sukuna, like other ENTJ anime characters, craves power. He recognises its significance and the respect that comes with it.

4. Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Attack on Titan is another incredibly popular anime that features an entj protagonist. Eren Yeager is a young boy who dreams of one day being able to leave his home and see the world outside of the giant walls that protect humanity from the Titans. When his hometown is attacked by Titans, Eren’s world is turned upside down. He vows to kill all Titans and makes it his mission to protect humanity. Eren is a determined and strategic thinker, which makes him the perfect entj protagonist.

5. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Lelouch is a brilliant strategist with a strong desire to change the world. He’s decisive and unafraid to take risks, which makes him a powerful leader. His ultimate goal is to create a world where his sister can live happily, and he’s willing to sacrifice anything to achieve it. He is another character with an ENTJ personality.

6. Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Katsuki Bakugou is an unique hot-headed ENTJ anime character who is prone to anger bursts. While most anime opponents are introverts, Bakugo is remarkably good at dealing with social circumstances – even if he can be weak sometimes in front of an enemy. He’s also constantly striving to improve himself and surpass Midoriya.

7. Madara Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)

ENTJ Anime Characters

“Madara is a very subtle and manipulative person, as shown by his ability to orchestrate large-scale conflicts, with many twists and turns, without anyone realizing his involvement until after the fact. He has a very long range view of things which can make him seem cold or uncaring towards others. He is another ENTJ personality anime character.

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8. Nami (One Piece)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Another anime character from anime series One Piece is an ENTJ character; she’s powerful, assertive, and a smart decision-maker. She is at ease with herself and quickly eliminates herself from circumstances where she does not feel at ease.

9. Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

ENTJ Anime Characters

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime character Dio Brando is a very powerful, inflexible guy. He is well-known for his deceptive and demanding attitude, which is characteristic of an ENTJ personality. Dio is aggressive and always attempts to control people. He enjoys being alone in the top position.

He is passionate about reaching goals, and as a result, he may select the incorrect road. He only wants to be the toughest and the chosen one. He will never accept that someone else can be greater than him.

10. Miyuki Shirogane (Kaguya Sama: Love is War)

ENTJ Anime Characters

His relentless quest to be the best reveals his desire for authority and power. He has always held himself to higher standards and expectations. Miyuki Shirogane is highly clever in studies, but he struggles in athletics and other physical activities. Despite his hectic schedule, he aspires to be a smart and kind individual.

Final Words

Looking for the best ENTJ anime characters of all time? Look no further! In this blog article we have listed the top 10 ENTJ anime characters. Each has their own unique personality and set of skills. From the strong and silent type to the loud and proud leader, these characters are sure to inspire you. 

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