Anime Characters with Curly Hair Female

11 Anime Characters with Curly Hair Female

Anime has tons of great looking characters with different hair, eye and skin colors, but anime artists also pay close attention to their hair. Anime characters with curly hair female make and females in particular are very popular and often attract the most attention. Anime is full of unique characters that range from the most beautiful of princesses to the most strong and powerful of warriors. 

These phenomenal creatures have many traits that make them memorable, but what about their hair? The characters with curly hair are often seen as one of the most iconic characters. There is a huge variety of different hair textures for you to appreciate. In this article, we will tell you about some anime characters with curly hair female!

There are many anime characters with curly hair female, but which ones really stand out? Here we’ll present you with 11 anime characters from the most recent and popular seasons who have curly hair. Check them out below and see if you can find your favorite!

Top 11 Anime Characters with Curly Hair Female

Nazuko (Demon Slayer)

The qualities that most characterize Nezuko are kindness and compassion. She is still passionately protective of the ones she loves the most, despite the fact that she lost a lot of her memories when she turned into a demon.

She is without a doubt a strong and fearless girl, and her incredibly long, black, wavy hair perfectly fits her personality. With her chocolate brown curly hair color, it becomes even more attractive.

1. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Tatsumaki is another big name in the list of best anime characters with curly hair female. Due to her little appearance, Tatsumaki is sometimes given the wrong impression that she is much younger than she really is. She seems quite young, with her round face, green eyes, and short, curly green hair. She plays a major role in the One punch man series. 

2. Launch (Dragon ball Z)

Launch from dragon ball Z has a rare disorder that results in a complete change in her character whenever she sneezes. She’s a natural sweetie with beautiful blue hair.

However, as she sneezes, her hair takes on a shinier, curlier look. In her second form, she becomes very aggressive and brave.

3. Elizabeth Medford (Black Butler)

From the hit anime Black Butler, Elizabeth Medford exudes charm and elegance. She is instantly recognisable by her adorable, wavy blonde hair, which she wears in a variety of elegant styles.

She is a young lady who, from the time she was a little kid, has been the ideal of elegance and grace because to her beautiful curls. The curly hair that this anime girl has is a key part of her distinctive style, making her seem like a refined and beautiful member of the upper class.

4. Emma 

Emma is one of Grace Field house’s sharpest girls. She is a really wonderful girl who is also outgoing, sporty, and simply full of life. To top it all off, she has a beautiful haircut.

Her green eyes and pale orange short hair complement her beautiful skin tone. With strands sticking out at odd angles all over her head and a long lock that curls upward just where her hair is split, the hairstyle is notably different from the other anime curly hairstyles on our list.

5. Biscuit Krueger (Hunter x Hunter)

Biscuit Krueger, of the Hunter x Hunter series, is another curly-haired super-women who uses her sweetness to conceal her powerful abilities. Her curly, long blonde hair looks great with the clothes she often wears. She likes to dress in delicate shades of pink that make her seem as youthful and innocent as she wishes.

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6. Sadie (One Piece)

Recognize Sadie? She is an impelled down guard who, in comparison to other characters, appears quite often in One Piece. If I knew that only true fans would remember Sadie, I wouldn’t be shocked.

Only her fight with Ivankov shines out about her, apart from that type of physique which certain fans undoubtedly like. There isn’t much else to say about Sadie after that. Even I had forgotten about her until I started searching for One Piece characters to add to my list.

7. Ravel Phoenix (High School DxD)

Ravel is another anime character with curly hair. In addition to her stunning hair, Ravel is endowed with exceptional abilities. Her golden, curly hair is pulled back into two low ponytails that are tied with ribbons. Ravel is commonly seen with a pink, billowy outfit.

No one should be fooled by her outward look, however; she has acquired the abilities of fire and wind, as well as immortality. Ravel may seem like a toddler, but don’t let that fool you; she has extraordinary abilities.

8. Mami Tomoe ( Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Mami Tomoe is a popular anime character with curly hair because her two large, beautifully curled curls have become iconic of who she is. Not only does her bright smile and impressive magical abilities attract her to others, but her bright yellow hair also helps her stand out as a beauty.

Her uniform, which she wears almost exclusively, draws attention to her natural curls and makes her seem youthful and attractive.

9. Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Neptune is another big name in the anime world. She plays a significant role in the anime series Sailor Moon. She was the seventh Sailor Senshi to appear in the series. Her abilities stem from the water, therefore it seems sense that she would wear and have hair of a sea-green hue.

Her hair falls to the sides from a center part in her hairstyle. Her natural waves provide volume and polish to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

10. Dairenji Suzuka (Tokyo Ravens)

Curly-haired genius, Suzuka Dairenji, is another big name when it comes to best anime characters with curly hair female.  Her double blonde manes and icy blue eyes provide for a wonderful first impression. Suzuka’s short, side hairstyle and red ribboned twin tails give her a look of innocence and shyness.


There’s just something about curly hair that makes it so attractive, and these anime characters with curly hair are definitely no exception. From the gentle waves of Hinata Hyuga to the tight ringlets of Levi Ackerman, there’s a curly-haired character out there for everyone to love. So if you’re looking for some new anime characters, be sure to check out our list of the top 11 anime characters with curly hair female!

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